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Boys' Slippers

Boys' slippers are perfect for teaching young children how to relax and chill before it's time for bed. The comfortable and cosy indoor footwear is also kind to your floor. They come in a range of styles from supporting their favourite sports team to wearing their favourite animals or wacky colours.

Different types of boys' slippers

The most popular type of boys' slippers is the slip on slipper . This comfortable slipper has a rounded toe for flexible toe movement and elasticated uppers.

Velcro slippers are similar in design to the slip on, but they feature a Velcro crossover flap so they are easy to get on and off. Easy fastening styles are primarily designed for younger children.

Booties are pull on slippers that are usually made from soft and cosy fleece. The booties typically have a cushioned integral sole and non-slip grippers.

The traditional moccasin slipper is made from one piece of leather or synthetic fabric. It features stitched front and sides, as well as a fleece lining.

Perhaps not the most practical style for walking up and down the stairs, the novelty big feet variety of boys' slippers is a popular fun choice.

The benefits of wearing boys' slippers indoors

The soft, flexible slipper soles such as rubber are kinder to flooring and carpets, which means less wear and tear when children are running wild.

The cushioned soles of the slippers help to eliminate noisy footsteps on bare floorboards.

Slippers are a practical type of boys' footwear that can be used to signal when it's approaching time for bed . Getting young boys into the habit of wearing slippers at home will help them relax and slow down.

How to choose the right style of boys' slippers

Look for a style that offers maximum comfort. Slippers should have a flexible, cushioned sole and plenty of room in the toe area. They should also be easy put on and take off.

Slippers that don't fit properly can cause falls and accidents. Always ensure that your child's slippers provide a secure fit.

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