Protect Your Child's Eyesight With Boys’ Sunglasses

Boys’ sunglasses protect your kid's eyes from blue light and the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation, thereby safeguarding their eyes from several potential eye disorders. Find a variety of boys sunglasses in different styles and shapes on eBay.

Why boys’ sunglasses are a safety essential

Increased exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun could mean greater risks to your child's visual health. Since kids spend a lot more time outdoors compared to most adults, almost 50% of the lifetime UV exposure an individual can withstand happens by age 18. Moreover, kids are more vulnerable to injury to their retina since the lens within their eyes is not fully capable of UV-blocking. Consequently, their eyes need to be carefully protected, which is why boys' sunglasses are a childhood essential.

Features to look for in boys' sunglasses

Besides the ability to block the sun’s harmful rays and potentially hazardous blue light, sunglasses for kids should ideally have the following attributes:

  • Impact resistance: Look for polycarbonate lenses that are more impact-resistant compared to regular plastic lenses. These high-quality lenses offer solid eye protection and are lighter than plastic or glass lenses.
  • Proper fit: The frame should fit right for ideal sun protection and prevent dust from entering the eyes. A close-fitting, relatively large frame is the ideal design.
  • Spring hinges: Hinges with spring action and ability to stretch beyond 90 degrees would bring down the possibilities of the sunglasses falling off your kid’s face.
  • Elastic band: It attaches to the frame’s temples at the end to prevent any chances of losing or damaging the glasses. The band could be close-fitting for sports or loose in fit to let your child remove the glasses and hang them from his neck.
Can your kid wear sunglasses even when it is overcast outdoors?

Yes. Sunglasses are no doubt designed to combat bright light glare from the sun. However, kids should wear HEV and UV-blocking sunglasses every time they are out during the day, even if the conditions outside are overcast and cloudy. This is because UV rays and HEV rays generally penetrate cloud cover. If you are worried about sunglasses hampering visibility when it is not very bright outside, there are pairs specifically designed to help enhance vision during overcast conditions.

Should your child wear sunglasses inside a car?

While the glass screens of cars can block almost all UVB rays, UVA rays can effortlessly penetrate glass windows. Moreover, the windscreen of a car is mostly treated for filtering out UVA, but the rear and side windows usually are not, so might mean unintended exposure to the sun. To protect your child's eyesight on car journeys, make sure to keep a pair of boys' sunglasses in the glove box.