Make a Splash with a Brazilian Bikini

Offering less coverage than traditional bikini bottoms, cheeky or Brazilian bikinis celebrate a woman's figure, so you can make an impression at a pool party or on the beach. Teamed with separates, they're so comfortable that they can be worn all day long around the resort when you're on your summer holiday. Your bikini is a statement which should reflect your own personal style. Whatever your body shape and whatever your taste in beachwear, eBay has a wide selection of Brazilian bikinis - and all at prices you can afford.

How can narrow down your choice of Brazilian bikini?

Apart from the price range, you should think about factors such as:

  • Manufacturer: Choose between branded and non-branded bikinis, both new and used (usually with tags).
  • Your order: You can buy a bikini set, or mix and match by purchasing the top and bottoms separately.
  • Style of top: Tankini and halter neck are just some of the many styles available on eBay.
  • Style of bikini bottoms: Consider your body shape, and choose among styles, such as high-waisted and thongs.
  • Colour: Think about your hair colour and skin tone to find a monochrome or patterned bikini that flatters you.
  • Material: Bikinis are usually made of synthetic material for easy care, usually with a stretch fabric like elastane to ensure a comfy fit.
  • Extra detail: You can find swimwear with trim, such as ruffles, lace, ruching, sequins, and buckles.
How can you choose the right Brazilian bikini for your body shape?

Apart from the importance of choosing the right colour, you should also think about the style of Brazilian bikini that suits your body shape:

  • Athletic/slim figure: High-cut bottoms will flatter your figure while a padded top will create the illusion of curves.
  • Pear-shaped figure: A brightly-coloured/floral top with horizontal lines and/or ruffles will balance out the top half of your body.
  • Curvy figure: High-waisted bottoms or tankinis will flatten the stomach while bikini tops should be underwired for extra support.
How can you coordinate separate bikini tops and bottoms?

Bikinis used to only be worn in matched sets. The great thing about buying the top and bottoms separately is that you can create different looks, so you never get bored. Another benefit is that mixing and matching the two halves of your bikini allows you to distract attention from perceived flaws. Pair a triangular-shaped top with a low-waisted bottoms to make your upper body look longer, or wear a darker-coloured top with lighter-coloured bottoms to distract attention from a large bust.