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Bronica Camera Film Backs and Holders

Japanese brand Bronica is a renowned manufacturer of cameras, particularly roll film cameras . As well as producing roll film cameras, Bronica also produce photographic equipment such as camera film backs and holders.

Bronica is also known as Zenza Bronica, so it's important to look out for both names when purchasing film backs and holders for your Bronica camera.

Understanding Bronica film holders

Bronica camera film backs and holders do as the name suggest - they holds pieces of photographic film to place in a Bronica camera or photographic film scanner. In large and medium format cameras, film holders are loaded with film and must be checked carefully for dust, grit and dirt to ensure nothing scratches the film. There are many types of Bronica film holders to choose from, such as multi-sheet holders, sheet-film holders and film pack holders.

Film backs

Bronica film backs allow cameras to be loaded with film so that you can load your Bronica camera with new film or to change the film type. The benefit of Bronica film backs is that you can attach the film back easily to the back of the camera so that you can use different types of film for your needs. Film backs are specialised to different uses. With some cameras, film backs can allow you to load a bulk amount of roll film in only one fitting.

The decline of film photography

While it is still possible to find camera film backs and holders for your Bronica camera, film cameras are in decline because of the domination of digital photography and the many digital cameras available. Some people enjoy the traditional feel of Bronica cameras and all of the processes that producing photographs involved in the classic way. In a world of instant snaps, many people relish the slow and contemplative process of traditional photography methods.

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