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Bronica Camera Lens

Professionals in the wedding photography industry traditionally used Bronica cameras and they are based on the medium format camera film technology. You can buy a Bronica camera lens for these types of camera, as well as Bronica lenses that fit other cameras.

Bronica no longer make cameras for sale, since the rise in popularity of digital cameras , as they based their range of cameras that require film to take photos. The brand lives on today in a range of camera lenses that you can buy.

Types of Bronica camera lenses

Zenza Bronica cameras were produced throughout most of the second half of the twentieth century. There are still many examples available if you wish to update the lens through maybe having scratched or damaged it. Or maybe you're simply looking for a different type of lens for the effect it will have on the images you take.

Bronica lenses are also available for other cameras, with most high end cameras featuring a universal lens fitting system so you can swap different brands of lens onto your device.

The main point of difference between camera lenses is what's known as the focal length. This is essentially a measure of how far away from an object you can be and still take a decent quality photograph of it. Focal lengths for Bronica camera lenses are based on the standard set of sizes, and include the usual range such as f1.4, f 2.8, f4 etc. The 'f' denotes the particular focal length of the lens you're buying.

About the Bronica brand

Bronica was a Japanese manufacturer and supplier of luxury items that was founded in the 1940s. They developed their first cameras in the late 1950s and eventually became a prominent supplier of particular types of camera (known as medium format cameras) in the 1960s and beyond.

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