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Burberry Silver Case Wristwatches

If you're looking for a burberry silver case watch, be sure to search through this selection. Silver is a precious metal, giving these timepieces added value. With traditional styles, these burberry watches are versatile accessories that you can wear whether you're enjoying a day with friends or a night on the town. They have a lighter feel for comfortable wear wherever you go.

Available Strap Materials for Burberry Silver Case Wristwatches:
  • Titanium
  • Nylon
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver
  • Genuine Leather

Titanium band wristwatches are designed with lightweight builds, making them even more comfortable to wear all day. They are crafted with very strong materials, which will easily withstand regular wear and tear. Nylon band wristwatches have a casual style, which gives them a laid-back appearance that can be worn for every event. Featuring soft designs, they are pleasant to wear and won't distract you throughout your day.

Popular Movement Types for Burberry Silver Case Watches:
  • Automatic Movements
  • Quartz Automatic Movements
  • Tuning Fork Movements
  • Mechanical Hand-Wound Movements
  • Quartz Solar-Powered Movements

Mechanical movement watches showcase the perfect combination of traditional design and ease of use. The second hands rotate in a sweeping motion, moving continuously around the dial. Automatic quartz movement watches tick with the assistance of a small crystal that vibrates to power the hands. The movements are renowned for their accuracy and precision, making these watches exceptionally reliable.

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