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Choosing a CB Aerial to Increase Radio Transmissions

A CB aerial is critical for the transmission of radio signals. CB aerials receive signals and convert them into electrical bits, allowing easy communication at remote locations. A powerful CB aerial kit also prevents signal blocking. The aerial improves the range of transmission with the capability to transmit radio signals over long distances in any direction. Choose a CB aerial to suit your needs on eBay.

What kind of CB aerial works best?

When selecting the best mobile CB aerial, it is essential to evaluate the type of installation you'll be doing and the ease of connecting it to the CB aerial wiring system. There are two kinds of CB aerial kits: Omnidirectional (circular) and beam (directional), and both aerial types are available on eBay. An omnidirectional aerial will receive and send signals in all directions, while a beam only focusses on directional transmissions. An omnidirectional antenna provides a better range in any direction. The mobile aerials available on eBay feature the following CB mount styles:

  • CB aerial mag mount.
  • Gutter trim mount.
  • CB aerial mounting brackets.
  • Lip mount.
  • Mirror mount.
How far can a CB transmission reach?

CB radio aerials have the potential of transmitting signals to and from a remote station located 1-15 miles away. That's true if all factors remain constant. However, other variables may hold back the signal transmission. These include the landscape terrain, the level of traffic in a channel, and the types and number of structures in the surrounding area. Regardless, receiving stations can comfortably communicate at a maximum range of 10 miles whereas communications between different base units can extend up to 30 miles.

How long should a CB aerial be?

The longer, the better, because a long CB aerial can tap into any transmitted radio signals. The maximum length required is a ¼ wavelength. That's equivalent to 8 ft. or 100 inches, which is too long for application in most mobile transmission scenarios. Most manufacturers have built coiled antennae to allow for convenient parking without damaging the CB aerial. If your main concern is how it can fit in a low-gabled parking area, try a kit with quick disconnect CB aerial mounting brackets. If you can't compromise the transmission range and go for the full-wavelength aerial, you should use quality CB whips to firmly anchor it in place.

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