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Preserving CPU Quality With CPU Holders

To have a more ergonomic workstation setup with a desk and a computer, some people hang their CPU under desks using CPU holders. This keeps it away from floor level or using it with wheels to give mobility for easier access. With the CPU holders available on eBay, you can maximize your space or keep it secured tightly in one place far from dust and dirt.

What are the advantages of having a CPU holder?

Below are the reasons why a CPU holder can help improve your workspace:

  • Mobility- This is especially true when using a height-adjustable desk or having multiple desks close to one another. Raising the height of your components can pull the cables that are attached to them. In this case, with an adjustment to your holders, you don’t have to raise your desks just to accommodate farther components.
  • CPU rotation- There are times when you have to connect a component or a new cable and you have to rotate your CPU just to see the back of your computer. Many holders can swivel a full 360 degrees so you don't have to crawl to the back of it.
  • Protection- Keeping your CPU on the floor can cause accumulation of dust, dirt, and possible hairs inside your CPU. A CPU holder secures your computer in locations that may sometimes be just underneath your desk and away from the floor.
  • Distance- Have your CPU much closer than before if you have a holder just under your desk. This will allow you to have your CPU within an arm's reach at all times.
How do you choose the right CPU holder?

Since these come in variety, you should carefully look out for these things:

  • Measurement- It is important to measure the CPU so the fit will not be a problem. Keeping the adjustable holders aside, CPU holders come in virtually any size and shape, so it's important to know both the height and width and make allowances.
  • Location- Make sure to know where the CPU will be placed before buying. Also, make sure that the location is appropriate for your workspace.
  • Weight- Some CPU holders have limited load capacity, so it's important to know how much your CPU weighs before buying one. Be sure to have a sturdy holder so it will last.
What are the different kinds of CPU holders?

A wide selection of CPU holders is designed to accommodate various needs. Some types you can find on eBay are:

  • Adjustable holders
  • CPU carts on wheels
  • CPU holder wall mounts
  • Mobile CPU trolleys
  • Hanging CPU racks