Cabin Cruisers for Fun on the River

Life is not just about working, but is meant to be enjoyed. Riding on a cabin cruiser around the UK's vast network of waterways and coastlines is a great way to spend many hours outdoors. You can find many types and sizes of affordable, used cabin cruisers on eBay that will provide you, your family, and friends much pleasure.

Types of cabin cruiser boats

Cabin cruisers are boats that are designed to accommodate overnight stays on the boat. They range in length from 6.4 metres to 13.7 metres and have a cabin in the bow of the boat. See the manufacturer site for details. The cabin can typically house a small galley, several berths, and an enclosed head. Within this cruiser classification, there are several types:

  • Sports cruiser - A sports cruiser is equal parts speedboat and comfortable cruiser. These boats are designed with powerful engines and matching controls for nimble sporting manoeuvrability, but they also have comfortable cabins with amenities for a small group of people.
  • Compact cruiser - A compact version is on the small end of the size range of cabin cruisers and usually has a length of under 7.6 metres. They have a full cabin, but it is very small and minimal.
  • Express cruiser - An express style is a fast and large cruiser that will usually have a galley, a full head, and a sleeping area with two to six berths. There are spacious, open areas in the back of the boat and in the steering area. These boats range in size from 7.6 metres to 13.7 metres and may have two engines. They usually do not have a flybridge.
The differences between a yacht and a cabin cruiser

A luxury cabin cruiser has many of the same features and amenities as a yacht but costs much less. It is smaller and nimbler and can be operated by a single person. A yacht is larger and more powerful, but it is not as responsive. A yacht often requires a larger crew for operations.

Is a cuddy cabin the same as a cabin cruiser?

Cuddy cabin boats are different from a cabin cruiser in their cabin configurations. They have a small, open cabin that is used for storage or for minimal shelter. You cannot stand upright inside the cabin. There may be a small head. These boats are typically around 6.7 metres to 9.1 metres in length.