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Adorn Your Cabinets With Beautiful Kitchen Cupboard Handles

If you're completely renovating your kitchen or merely looking to upgrade the appearance of your current cabinet handles, these kitchen cupboard handles offer something for everyone. The various styles range from contemporary to vintage and can appear like animals, flowers, or a standard handle. Understanding the many options that are available to you with kitchen handles will help you make the right decision for your kitchen.

What are the handle types to choose from for cabinets?

There are several different types of kitchen cupboard handles that you can select when searching for the right one on eBay. These include:

  • Traditional handle design: This is the standard type of handle that has a lengthy bar that can be situated either horizontally on a cabinet drawer or vertically near the edge of a cupboard opening. They can come in slightly different shapes depending on the style that you choose.
  • Knob: These are usually rounded pulls that come in a very small form and can be situated at any place on the cupboard to pull it open. Given the rounded shape of knobs, they are available in a myriad of different designs that display flowers, hearts, animals, and a lot more.
  • Lifting handle: These are shaped liked standard handles with the main difference being that they are fastened with a small lifting handle that you pull up and out in order to open the cabinet.
What kinds of materials are cabinet handles made from?

Kitchen cupboard handles are primarily made from materials like porcelain, glass, and chrome. Porcelain allows for a wide range of different designs and patterns that you can select from, while chrome handles usually have a silver or gold sheen to them, offering a more traditional or vintage look. Glass typically provides a clear handle and is commonly used for the small circular knobs.

Does the installation equipment come with the kitchen cupboard handles?

Many of the affordable kitchen cupboard handles that you can purchase on eBay come with the installation and mounting equipment that you'll require to attach the handle to your cupboard. When dealing with traditional handles, you can be provided with anywhere from two to four screws, depending on the length of the handle. If you're selecting knobs for the cabinets, each knob will usually come with a single bolt that will allow you to attach it directly to the outside of the cabinet.

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