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Seat Your Guests With Metal Cafe Chairs

Give your home or cafe a charming ambiance by picking out a set of metal cafe chairs that matches your environment’s decor. eBay offers a large variety of metal chairs in designs ranging from feminine and traditional to industrial. Metal chairs are designed to be easy to clean and care for, making them a choice that is both practical and stylish.

Can metal cafe chairs sit outside?

The answer to this question relies on what sort of metal chair you get. In general, metal is a good choice for outdoor furniture because it does not mould like fabric or warp like wood. However, to stand up to long-term outdoor exposure, metal requires a special coating or regular maintenance to protect from rust. If you plan on using a chair outdoors, check a product's description to see if it has the right sort of finish for this usage.

What different types of cafe chairs are available?

Metal cafe chairs come in many styles, including:

  • Tolix chair: The tolix style chair is an all-metal cafe chair design characterized by a solid metal base and a back with one wide strip of metal surrounded by two thin strips of metal.
  • Armchair: This is typically used to describe a type of cafe chair with a mid-level back that curves around to turn into arms.
  • Chiavari chair: Chiavari chairs are chairs with a square, slatted back and a bamboo-inspired shape to each leg.
  • Wrought iron: Wrought iron chairs tend to have small, rounded seats with backs made from elaborately curled metal.
  • Crossback chair: As the name implies, the back of these chairs is made from strips of crossed metal shaped into an X shape.
Can you fold up cafe chairs?

Not all metal bistro chairs are foldable, but some of the options on eBay do include metal cafe chairs that you can fold up and store out of the way when not in use. These chairs tend to have a simple design with angled legs and a small back, making them a great choice for compact areas or for setups that need to be easily transported.

Are metal chairs stackable?

Though some of the items on eBay are not stackable, you can find many stacking options for metal chairs. If you plan on stacking up your metal bistro chairs for easy storage and cleaning, look for chairs with a stackable design. These chairs do not have crossbars on the legs, so you can slide one on top of another and make them fit together neatly.

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