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Thought to have originated in Peru, the cajon is a simple and compact drum box that is usually made from thin plywood. 

African slaves made their own version from old packing crates but today, the cajon (the Spanish word for drawer or box) is a complete drum kit in a box. 

Some models have adjustable snare sounds, bass dampening and amplification.

How to choose the right cajon for you

  • Easy to use – The cajon is a versatile and effective percussion instrument that anyone can play. Simple beats and complex rhythms can easily be knocked out on the resonating sides of the handmade wooden box. Whether you’re a novice drummer or a professional, the cajon can easily adapt to accommodate your experience and drumming style.
  • Perfect tone – The ideal cajon has a balanced sound that isn’t dominated by the bass tone, or the adjustable snare.
  • Build a connection – The best way to select the perfect cajon is through instinct. Banging out a beat and connecting with the drum allows you to choose the cajon that most resonates with you.

Different types of cajon

  • Self-assembly kit – Ideal for anyone who has DIY skills, the self-assembly cajon is flat-packed and consists of prefabricated parts, tension belts and adhesive.
  • Assembled – The assembled cajon has sturdy feet that allow for natural swinging when sitting on the top of the box. There are many designs to choose from.
  • Miniature – Smaller in size than the standard cajon, the mini version boosts a great musical tone for spontaneous jam sessions. To play the miniature cajon position the box between the thighs.
  • Travel – The travel sized cajon is flat in shape and is designed to comfortably rest on the lap. The cajon features a side sound hole and internal strings that produce a buzz sound effect.
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