Cambridge Audio

Get Every Component You Need for Your Home Audio Setup from Cambridge Audio

The complete home audio setup from Cambridge Auto includes stereo components like analogue converters, CD players, amplifiers, tuners, and adapters. On eBay, you can also find affordable parts and pieces that complement these machines, such as belts, boards, and buttons. eBay’s vast selection includes new, used, and refurbished parts and machines from Cambridge Audio. 

How many pieces do you need for a setup? 

It all depends on the type of sound you are going for. You can set up various levels of speakers, each with their own amplifiers, if you are looking for a really impactful sound. At the basic level, a mini Bluetooth speaker that you can play from your phone would start you out. Many people opt for a stereo and an amplifier with a set of speakers as a starter setup. They make a few compact versions of their products, including one all-in-one compact system that is desk-size. It only requires speakers. 

In what size can you get Cambridge home audio pieces? 

Cambridge Audio tends to make larger items, including floor speakers and amplifiers on the larger side. However, they also make regular-sized speakers. While many of their components would need at least a console, they have a few desktop items and a few mini items, such as their mini Bluetooth speaker. 

Is Bluetooth available with these products? 

British manufacturer Cambridge Audios classic product lines include a few pieces that take Bluetooth. They are:  

  • Regular speakers -  Cambridge Audio makes quality floor and regular speakers such as their C10930K portable speaker. The Bluetooth speakers have a different charger from the other speakers, so make sure you get the right charger.
  • Amplifiers -  These amplifiers, such as the P25 MKII Phono, are mostly on the large side. They come digitally or analogue integrated. You can find all the necessary parts and components for these amplifiers on eBay as well.
  • Portable speakers -  These come in mini and regular styles, such as the Minx regular size. A few of these speakers from Cambridge Audio have a rounded, colourful, contemporary look while others are a more standard grey or silver.

What kinds of amplifiers does Cambridge Audio make? 

Cambridge Audio makes both integrated and power amplifiers for CDs or vinyl, such as the Azur or the Edge. These particular models have versions of both the power and integrated types. The company also makes a couple of stereo amplifiers with receivers. In addition, there is a Bluetooth audio receiver available. 

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