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Camera Cables and Adapters for Canon IXUS

Allowing you to charge your camera's battery, cables and adapters for Canon IXUS also enables you to transfer the digital images from the camera to a computer, or any other suitable device you require.

For example, you could show the images directly from the camera onto a television screen or computer monitor, using the cable as the interface between the camera and the screen.

Range available

Canon IXUS cameras utilise a small type of cable input known as a mini USB socket. The cables will have a mini USB jack on one end, fitting into the camera, with a normal sized USB input jack on the other end, fitting into the computer or other device. This USB end will also fit into a plug adapter for charging the battery.

You can buy a separate adapter for the USB end, turning the input jack into a different style of jack, allowing you to plug the camera into devices that don't have a USB insert socket.

Cable and Adapter Lengths

Cables and adapters come in different lengths, so you can decide how close or far away from the computer or main socket you want the camera to be when it's plugged in. This can be particularly handy if you're short of space on your desk surface, at work or home.

Canon IXUS camera

Known as an ultra-compact camera , Canon IXUS is very small pocket sized digital camera that you can carry around with you for taking photos. IXUS was first released in the year 2000 and developed to include a range of different models, eventually becoming lighter and thinner, yet still more powerful, over the years.

Canon brand

Canon is a multinational company that was founded in Japan in the 1930s. It has become widely recognised around the world for the manufacture and supply of electronics goods and imaging technology devices, including its famous range of cameras.

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