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Camcorder and Camera LCD Hoods

If shooting outside in the sun, camcorder or camera LCD hoods are perfect for shielding the screen from the glare and retaining a crystal clear image. These simply clip onto your viewfinder or about your camera's casing and fold out to form a box that blocks out the light of the sun or artificial lighting that may be wreaking havoc in your photos.

They collapse into a neat flat block when not in use, for easy and convenient storage. Rather than being made for a specific model, they are built to a size. For example a 7" LCD hood should fit all cameras and camcorders with a 7" screen.

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No matter the brand of camera , they'll be compatible with an LCD hood. Many of the big names such as Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and the like produce their own LCD hoods, as well as a vast number of third party companies. Some are boxed shaped and equally sized on each side, whereas others will have a longer top for better shading and easier viewing of the screen.

Hoods not only provide flexibility with weather conditions, they can protect your screen from the elements, as well as screen glare when working outdoors. Many examples allow you to easily attach and detach the hood to LCD screen with Velcro fasteners or by folding around the frame of the camera. Comprising of soft materials such as plastic and leathers, with soft rubber inside the hood to protect from scratching, they fit snugly to your device to ensure there's no slipping or rocking on the camera.

Whatever style of photography or filming you are into, when outdoors an LCD hood will be nothing but beneficial, allowing you to focus on an image with ease, so you can produce the best images and films possible.

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