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Camera Lenses for Pentax K

All modern Pentax digital cameras use the tried and trusted K Mount bayonet system, designed to fit onto Pentax camera bodies. This system was introduced in 1975 to replace the previous 49mm screw mount.

The K Mount bayonet lens system is very useful as it allows you to quickly and easily take off and fit your lenses, even with one hand. You need never miss a great shot when you use a bayonet system. The Pentax K mount system has proven as reliable as the bayonet systems on Nikon and Canon cameras and Pentax have not changed it significantly over time.

K Mount variation

The K Mount system itself has gradually increased in complexity since the beginning, meaning that all K mount lenses should physically fit onto all Pentax K Mount camera bodies. However, depending on the camera body age, not all types of K Mount lenses will provide the full functionality of auto-focus, metering and other useful features.

It's therefore important to check before you buy that any older Pentax K Mount lens you're considering will deliver full functions with the model of Pentax K Mount camera that you intend fitting it to. Or that if you have an older Pentax camera, you are not paying more for a modern lens that will not be able to deliver all its features.

K Mount lens types are all identified by the letter that comes after the K. The letter K on its own means it is an original K Mount lens, while letters after such as F, A and AF2 tell you the exact kind of newer lens type they are. Simply check your camera's user manual to see which lenses will work best for you.

Non-Pentax users

While both Pentax film cameras and digital Pentax cameras use the K Mount, Pentax K mount lenses cannot be successfully fitted to older 49mm Pentax bodies or vice-versa. Users of non - Pentax camera bodies can easily buy adapters to fit K Mount lenses to their cameras, but may lose some of the lens' advanced features.

The range of K fitting lenses is extremely large and you can choose from Pentax's own brand, as well as from manufacturers such as Tamron and Sigma.

A good selection of lenses to own for all occasions might consist of a 50mm prime lens with a large aperture for low-light work, such as the Pentax 50mm f 1.8. A wide angle to medium telephoto zoom, such as the Tamron SP AF 10-24mm for general use and a powerful telephoto zoom like the Sigma 50-500mm for sports and wildlife photography.

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