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Camera Lenses for Sony A

Camera lenses for Sony A are a range of fixed/prime and zoom interchangeable camera lenses specifically designed to be used with Sony's range of A-mount DSLR , or digital single-lens reflex. cameras.

Popular with serious photography enthusiasts, photography students and pros alike this wide variety of camera lenses offers the scope for creative exploration and experimentation of shot.

There is an extensive selection of high quality camera lenses for Sony A available from leading photographic and optical brands including Samyang, Sigma and Tamron which can be selected for your exact requirements.

Camera lenses for Sony A are relatively compact, of robust construction and some have detachable lens hoods and include wide angle, telephoto, macro/close-up and fisheye lenses.

In addition some lenses are especially created for professional cine/video purposes which have an ultra multi coating (UMC) to further reduce flare.

Camera lenses for Sony A are available in a broad range of focal lengths from 6.5mm to 500mm with manual, auto and manual and auto focus types.

Close up photography

The staple favourite of every paparazzo is the versatile telephoto lens. This long focus lens is designed to focus on distant subjects and has a multitude of uses. It has become the favoured choice of the professional press photographer as it will pull far away subjects close up in pin-sharp detail.

A telephoto lens also allows the photographer to skip less engaging elements to a shot and focus on framing the central point of interest in great detail. Such lenses make an excellent choice for wildlife and landscape photography.

Other camera lenses for Sony A include macro/close-up lenses which allow for closer focusing than most other lenses. Macro photography is a specialist type of photography which is excellent for bringing out the intricate detail in very tiny objects to create beautiful and interesting shots. A true macro lens offers a huge magnification of 1:1, meaning the true to life size of your subject will be reproduced on your camera's image sensor.

Ultra-wide angle lenses

Fisheye lenses first appeared in the early 1960s when they became popular for their very special effect in that they created an unusual distorted, spherical view of the world. These lenses, which typically have an incredible depth of field, can take in wide panoramas and allow for unique artistic expression in creating a whole new reality in your shots, characterised by the curved outer corners of a photo.

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