Camera tripods & supports for professional and amateur use

Whether you're a seasoned professional or are a hobbyist looking to get the perfect shot, there is a massive selection of camera tripods and supports available for your equipment. Choosing the ideal camera tripod for your photography work will help you set up the perfect shot and assist you in creating beautiful images for a range of projects. There is a wide selection of tripods and supports available in favourite brands such as Velbon, Joby, GoPro and Hama plus many others, each display unique features to suit your equipment and photography style. 

Camera tripods

Universal tripods are ideal for a range of camera sizes, and some are also compatible with smartphones. They are often height adjustable with a movable ball head to get the best angles for your shot. Mini tripods are also available for those times where you need a shake-free shot plus you can also use flexible tripod options to suit handheld smartphone usage when travelling. 

Handheld supports and stabilisers

Sometimes the perfect shot might require some creative photography which a tripod cannot accommodate. In these cases, using a camera stabiliser is the ideal solution. They are flexible and can be attached your body with harnesses to avoid movement and work well in difficult shooting situations. They are also easily adjustable and are comfortable if worn for long periods of time. Stabilisers are also fantastic for video captures and photography where you need a steady hand and help to produce fluid and captivating media for both professional and hobby projects. 

The extensive range of options gives you so much choice to complement your camera equipment, and many provide universal fitments for ease of use. Many tripods and supports also have quick release functions, so you can adapt your photography style quickly to suit the conditions.