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Camera Waist Packs

One of the easiest ways to keep your camera safe while you're travelling, camera waist packs fasten around your waist with a belt attachment.

Smaller and more portable than shoulder bags, backpacks or rolling cases, waist packs are often easier to carry than camera holsters or pouches.

Different designs

Camera waist packs come in a variety of designs. Many are produced specifically for a certain make of camera, while others suit a range of different cameras. When choosing a bag, first ensure that you find one that's right for the type of camera you'll be using.

If you own a simpler, point-and-shoot camera then a smaller waist pack with a single pocket may be suitable, although choosing a larger bag with a few more compartments will mean you can also carry spare memory cards, batteries or even your wallet at the same time.

If you're travelling with a variety of lenses and other equipment then opt for a larger waist bag with multiple compartments. This will allow you to keep your gear easily accessible and in good order.

Choosing the right material

Camera waist packs come in a variety of materials including nylon, canvas, neoprene and leather. Whilst leather and canvas are likely to be more hardwearing, they will also weigh more. This is worth considering if you're going to be carrying your gear for long distances.

Protection is another important factor to consider too. Check out how much padding the waist pack has, both to the exterior and between compartments.

Advantages of camera waist packs

Camera waist packs are a hands-free way to carry your camera and accessories. As the bag stays attached to your waist, you won't be left searching for a safe place to put your bag down while you change lenses, batteries or memory cards .

They're also more secure than many other types of camera bags so it's harder for thieves to steal your equipment.

Finally, carrying your camera kit on your waist is better for your back. Many other types of camera bags will put strain on your spine, especially if your equipment is heavy or if you're carrying it for long periods of time. Using a waist pouch will offer a more comfortable carrying experience.

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