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Camera Wrist Straps

A camera wrist strap is a strap that is fixed to your camera by way of a hook or loop and then fits around your wrist while you are holding or using your camera.

They are available in several different materials, lengths and styles and can often come as a free addition as part of your camera package, particularly if you are purchasing a compact digital camera. Camera wrist straps are easily detachable giving you the option to change the strap or take it on and off.

Benefits of a camera wrist strap

Using a wrist strap attached to your camera with the loop slipped over your wrist and adjusted to fit during use of or holding your camera will ensure that it doesn't get dropped and damaged. The flexibility and size of the loop allows for easy use of the camera with your thumb and fingers. This allows you to take pictures at difficult angles without worrying about dropping your camera.

It also keeps the camera safe while securing it to a tripod . When it is fixed to a camera and stored in a bag, it makes it easier to draw the camera out of the bag without getting caught up with other items. It is also less bulky than a neck strap and can fit into a pocket when not in use. The clips or fasteners of a camera wrist strap are easy and quick to use, and are either supplied in plastic, PVC and in some cases, metal.

Leather wrist straps

Leather camera wrist straps are less adjustable than other types of straps, but can be hand-crafted, supple and soft. They look smart are less likely to fray around the edges or scratch the camera. It will have a loop lock that allows the user to adjust the size and fit around the wrist. They are available in different thicknesses, widths, lengths and colour of leather. Some straps are decorative with different stitching of plaiting of the leather.

Synthetic and fibre wrist straps

Wrist straps of a synthetic, nylon or polyester material after often reinforced and can hold up to 100lbs. They can also be water resistant to protect them from wet weather conditions. They are available in a range of thicknesses, lengths, widths and colours. They feature a lock loop that enables the adjustment of the loop to fit any size wrist.

Camera wrist straps are versatile and depending on size, will fit the majority of cameras.

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