Camo Trousers - Suitable for Outdoor Pursuits and Urban Life

Originally developed for the armed forces, camo trousers are extremely versatile. Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, or hiking, their style and fit make them both practical and long-lasting. These characteristics also make them the ideal choice for outdoor and/or manual jobs. Teamed with a T-shirt or shirt, they look stylish for a casual look in an urban environment when you're out and about. Equally importantly, they are extremely comfortable to wear. Whatever style of camo trousers you're looking for, eBay boasts a wide selection - and all at prices you can afford.

How can you narrow down your choice of camo trousers?

Before choosing camo trousers, you should consider the following factors:

  • Manufacturer: Choose between branded, unbranded, and army surplus (both used and new).
  • Colour: Khaki, navy, black, and camouflage are among the many colours you'll find on eBay.
  • Materials: Camo trousers are usually made of cotton, cotton blend, or polycotton twill.
  • Sizing: Measure your inside leg and waist to ensure a comfortable fit while some might require the size of your hips, too.
  • Fastener: Trousers might be fastened with a zip and/or buttons (some with adjustable buckles at the waist) or might have drawstrings.
  • Length: As well as full-length trousers, you can also find knee-length shorts for the summer.
What features of camo trousers make them suitable for outdoor activities?

If you're a fan of the great outdoors, you'll want your camo trousers to incorporate certain design features such as:

  • Double-stitched hems to be extra-durable.
  • Reinforced seat and knees where they get the most wear.
  • 4-6 pockets at the top, back, and sides (cargo pockets) to carry essential equipment.
  • Pockets with buttons or Velcro flaps to prevent objects falling out over rough terrain.
  • Drawstrings or elasticated fit at the ankles to tuck the trousers into boots.
  • A copper zip to prevent rust (with a protective flap).
  • Thermal lining (with fleece) for cold weather.
What is the difference between DPM and MTP camo trousers?

Between 1960-2016, the British Army traditionally used the camouflage pattern of DPM (disruptive pattern material). This is gradually being replaced by MTP (multi-terrain pattern). Made up of a combination of DPM tarn and MultiCam, MTP is suitable for different environments, such as foliage and/or desert terrain because it contains lighter shades. The pattern you choose depends on the outdoor activities you enjoy, and how important it is for you to be camouflaged. It is also a question of personal taste.