Campervan and Motorhome Parts: For Spares, Repairs, or Rebuilds

If you have a love of nature and the great outdoors, nothing is more satisfying than having access to purpose-built accommodation on wheels. With a large range of motorhome and campervan spares on eBay, as well as parts and accessories for upgrading your home-away-from-home, you can take off for the great outdoors in style.

Upgrading your campervan or motorhome

An older campervan will have all the basics in place, but might need a little TLC. Damaged and faded linings and carpets can be replaced, and woodwork re-varnished or painted. You can improve electrics with LED lighting, USB points, and even solar panels for a more environmentally-friendly power-source. Old appliances can be replaced or updated, and new ones added. If the campervan body and cab are showing their age, campervan parts and campervan spares are also available to get your old vehicle’s body back to pristine condition.

What campervan spares should be carried when touring?

When you’re on the road, a small selection of the following basic campervan spares, can help prevent a minor issue turning into a major issue.

  • A roll of electrical and duct tape.
  • Spare bulbs for vehicle and interior lighting.
  • Spare fuses for vehicle and interior electrics.
  • Spare gas regulating valve.
  • Nylon seals for freshwater and wastewater tanks.
  • Spare water pump impellor or full service kit.
Campervans as a lifestyle choice

Those who intend to spend their travels staying in organised campsites with communal showers and toilet blocks might not include washrooms in their plans, while those touring the Mediterranean hotspots may consider adding an air-con system. If food is your passion, perhaps top-of-the-range cooking facilities would take priority. If you love to surf, washing facilities are a must, but no matter your hobbies, the refurbishment of a campervan or motorhome is only as limited as your imagination.

What do you need to consider when updating your campervan?

With the wide range of campervan parts and accessories available on eBay, you can undertake a basic upgrade, or treat the vehicle as a ground-up remodel. Simply replace windows and seats, or choose from a selection of interior linings, insulation, and carpeting. You can add conversion kits, so your appliances can run off 12V or a 240V mains hook-up. You can also upgrade lighting, improve heating, and select specific facilities to accommodate your needs. Decide how many berths you need, then consider basics like a cooker and fridge, a shower cubicle, and a sink and a toilet. With so many campervan parts and accessories available, you can stick with simple, or treat yourself to luxury.