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Cheap and Reliable Campervan and Motorhome Split Charge Relay Units

For motorhomes and campervans, you will need a reliable split charge relay system that can work independently instead of draining the original battery of the campervan. For a new or used campervan split charge relay, eBay can provide a reliable solution.

Types of split charge relay units

There are three main kinds of new or pre-owned motorhome split charge relay units. A brief description of each type is provided for your reference:

  • Manual switching units: The most basic split charging technology uses a battery isolation on/off switch to connect and disconnect the starter and leisure batteries. A high-current switch is used to manually connect the batteries. It's a simple and robust solution, which is also very inexpensive.
  • 12-Volt split charge relay: Despite the fact that manual switching is simple, you're likely to find a lot of split charge relay solutions because they are often more convenient to operate. The system uses a heavy-duty version of the "make and break" relay using a 12V signal. Instead of the manual switch, the system automatically connects and disconnects the starter and leisure batteries using the relay. The main advantage of a 12V relay is an inexpensive automatic operation using a simple electro-mechanical construction. The 12-volt split charge relay for campervans are widely available on eBay.
  • Voltage sensitive VSR system: Another reasonably priced, cheap campervan split charge relay for sale on eBay is the VSR system. In addition, it's a relatively inexpensive automatic system easy to install. Some systems also come with an emergency engine start feature to combine the two batteries. The VSR system senses the voltage of the starter battery to automatically open and close the circuit connecting the leisure battery. Depending on the manufacturer's specifications, the pre-set threshold is around 13.7V and 12.8V. See the manufacturer site for details.
Which campervan split charge relay system should you use?

For most motorhomes and campervans, the 12-volt system or VSR system will suffice. These relatively inexpensive units are enough to operate the lights, power switch, fridge, and the water pump. If it's the first time you're using a split charge system in your campervan, VSR is the better choice due to the simplicity of installation. In contrast, a 12-volt system will offer more customisation options.

Battery isolator

If you have a large motorhome or a campervan that may require more power, then a battery isolator system is a type of split charge relay system that can do the job. A split charge diode unit uses the property of diodes to allow the current to flow in one direction. The battery isolator unit has multiple outputs for several batteries.

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