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Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware

Camping cookware is useful for hiking holidays, festivals and camping adventures. There are several things that campers think about when buying new cookware including how many people will be using it, will it be used for a few days or a few months at a time? Will the camping kit be going into the boot of a car or into a rucksack? These types of questions help campers to make the right choice.

Choosing the right size cooking equipment is also important, as it has to fit in your camping tent , under your canopy or in the boot of your car.

Not only do you need cooking equipment, you also need something to serve food and drink in, like camping cups and plates .

Camping cookware: choosing the right metal

The whole point of specialist camping cookware is that its lightweight, compact and really easy to clean, so the type of metal that its made from is very important.

Aluminium camping cookware is affordable, lightweight and conducts heat well. Although it can suffer from knocks and scratches, its an ideal budget-friendly option for new campers testing the waters or festival goers who dont want to spend much on cooking equipment. Hard-anodized aluminium can be a bit more expensive, but lasts longer and is less prone to scratching than regular aluminum.

Stainless steel camping cookware is more robust than aluminum, so it doesnt dent as easily and it lasts longer. But its also heavier and tends to cost more (although its still an affordable option). Stainless steel is popular with campers because its non-stick, so its really easy to clean.

Titanium camping cookware is popular with backpackers because its ultra-lightweight but also exceptionally strong. A resilient, long-lasting metal that heats up quickly (and cools down just as quickly), titanium is usually more expensive than aluminium or stainless steel, but its ideal for campers who have lots to carry and want to minimise the weight of their load.

Cast iron is a tough and durable metal that cooks food evenly and can last for many years. As the heaviest option for camping cookware, cast iron is definitely not for backpackers, but it is popular with frequent campers who want long-lasting and reliable equipment.

Camping cookware is available from a range of different brands, including Highlander, MSR and Snow Peak .

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