Preserve the Environment with a Breathable Groundsheet

To camp comfortably without damaging the grass under your tent, use a breathable groundsheet. Stylish options on eBay make pitching easy by providing dry ground for you to pitch any tent while keeping the interior of the tent clean and dry.

Can a breathable groundsheet be selected to match your style?

Yes. Some people like a rubbery layer while others choose one that looks like a regular tarpaulin or carpet. If your tent has a sewn-in layer, an extra groundsheet saves time by reducing the need for airing or cleaning afterwards. Environmentally-friendly woven matting is a popular option, and gives a luxurious, warm atmosphere while you are camping.

Are breathable groundsheets for tents likely to cause slipping?

No. Breathable groundsheets for tents are designed for damp environments and have a non-slip surface. This means you can camp comfortably with young children or older members of your family who are susceptible to falling. Several have a close, two-tone weave which allows fresh air to pass freely, making your tent less stuffy.

Can a groundsheet for a tent be made to a specific size?

Yes. Breathable groundsheets can be made to match your size requirements, and those available on eBay can be cut to suit your tent or caravan. Requesting the exact dimensions that you need from a vendor is better than cutting it yourself since the edges will come hemmed to prevent fraying. The layer is thick enough to prevent small pebbles from causing discomfort, and it packs down to a compact size, so you are never encumbered by heavy gear. The following features benefit you while you are camping:

  • Many groundsheets are tear-resistant, allowing children to romp freely inside the tent.
  • Flame-retardant materials ensure that camping is safe for you and your family.
  • Groundsheets on eBay are usually designed to prevent rotting, making them suitable for camping near lakes.
Can insects enter your tent through breathable groundsheets for tents?

No. Breathable groundsheets for tents are tightly woven, preventing insects from passing through. They block worm casts and are UV-stabilised, allowing protection for numerous camping holidays. Reinforced pegging eyelets are usually provided in each corner with top brands, making them easy to install and remove without damaging the fabric. While the material is breathable, it does not encourage mildew, and you can wipe, brush, or hose it down after every camping holiday. Breathable groundsheets dry quickly.