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Buying Guide for the Canon 270ex Flash

Flash is a very important part in enhancing the quality of your photography, while lighting is a large part of photography, and sometimes artificial sources must be used. The Canon 270ex flash is designed for the Canon Digital SLR series of entry-level and other compact cameras. This product is nearly indispensable to owners of the Canon Digital SLR Camera when it comes to improving their photography, and eBay makes it easy to shop through all of the Canon 270ex flash options.

What cameras is the Canon 270ex compatible with?

The Canon 270ex is compatible with all of the Canon EOS and compact PowerShot G-series cameras, including select SX-series and EOS Rebel class cameras. These Canon Digital SLR cameras are also available on eBay. These are the only cameras that this flash is compatible with.

How is the Canon 270ex used?

The Canon 270ex is attached to compatible Canon cameras by plugging it in and using a locking mechanism. The 270ex is easy to set up and is controlled through the existing camera's menu for most models, even if the camera has a rear monitor. It can even communicate colour information to your camera in order to achieve the perfect white balance. After each photograph is taken, the 270ex flash silently recharges itself.

What are some of the features of the Canon 270ex?

When selecting a Canon 270ex flash, consider the following features:

  • Compact, portable design: This flash is part of the smaller, lighter, and inexpensive Canon line. The smaller design fits into an included soft carrying case. This flash is compatible with other compact Canon cameras due to its small weight and design.
  • Bounce feature: This feature gives you more range in deciding how you take your pictures than a fixed head flash device would. An included zoom feature allows users to focus the flash lighting on their subject for greater light amplification.
  • Easy set-up: It is easy to set up this flash device with your cameras, including those with rear monitors. Flash setting can also be controlled via this menu when using the camera.
  • Powered using batteries: This efficient model requires just 2 AA batteries to power the flash device, while most models require four or more batteries, which increases weight.
  • Quieter charging: A reduction in charging noise allows for enhanced photography abilities. The charging is nearly silent. The Canon 270ex has also reduced the recharging time to a maximum of 3.9 seconds.
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