Get the Perfect Shot With a Canon 2x Extender

Viewing distance might just be the most important part of any SLR camera. When your camera's default viewing distance comes up short, it can often be time-consuming to compensate for its shortcomings. With the Canon 2x extender, this won't be an issue, and eBay has a large selection of the hardware available.

What effect do Canon 2x extenders have on viewing distance?

As you might have inferred from the name, these extenders extend the viewing distance for digital cameras. This functionality is valuable for many reasons. The first is that it removes the need to carry around several different adapters and lens covers. These pieces of hardware are heavy, so removing them from play entirely is immensely beneficial. The extenders are extremely portable, and for nature and event photographers, the lighter load will be greatly appreciated.

More specifically, these extenders can double the range of any given digital camera. If the camera in question is SLR, then you can achieve even greater distances by pairing the extender with the camera's built-in zoom functionality. These features work wonders for capturing smaller details like small animals and colourful flora.

What are the differences between the different models of extenders?

Both teleconverters belong to the same family of hardware. Because of this, the two models, while different in some areas, share the same infrastructure and general feature set. That means that you won't be missing out on anything major if you opt for the II model over the III. The differences stem from the Canon III being a newer, more refined iteration of the Canon II. In application, this means the Canon III has some bugs, kinks, general issues worked out that the Canon II still contains. Again, these aren't anything major. The above is almost entirely in reference to inconsequential bugs, like soft resets and interface glitches. In other words, the Canon III is refined where the Canon II is affordable.

What lenses are compatible with Canon 2x extenders?

These Canon 2x extenders are compatible with a vast assortment of lenses. Both available models of the hardware, the Canon 2x extender II and the Canon 2x extender III, are compatible with the same set of lenses, so there won't be any fussing over specifics regardless of the model you're interested in. Likewise, the lens won't impact the features and effectiveness of the extenders, and you will enjoy the same extended viewing distance, colour correction options, and filters no matter what your lens of choice happens to be. Below are some of the most common lenses paired with these extenders:

  • Canon EF-S Series Lenses
  • Canon EF-M Lenses
  • Canon EF 50mm STM Lenses
  • Canon EF 16-35mm USM Lenses
  • All universal lenses
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