Save Treasured Memories with the Canon 450D

The 12 MP Canon 450D digital camera is a good choice for photographers who are looking for a budget-friendly, yet advanced, SLR camera. The camera places technology found in professional photographic equipment within the reach of amateur photographers. You can find an affordable EOS 450D on eBay.

Why is the Canon EOS 450D easy to use?

Canon made the EOS 450D simple to use by adding features like:

  • 9 Point AF System: The autofocus function on the camera uses 9 individual points when focussing on an object, making the possibility of blurry images less likely.
  • Simple Menu System: All the main settings and features of the camera can be accessed via the system menu. The menu has a simple layout to make changing settings on the fly easier.
  • DIGIC 3 Processor: The EOS 450D features automatic image processing that creates true to life images suitable for large format printing.
  • Compact Design: The body of the camera has been designed to be lightweight and ergonomic so that the camera can be used in almost any setting.
Is changing lenses on the EOS 450D easy?

Yes, Canon has made the EOS 450D compatible with a wide variety of lenses and accessories. The camera can accommodate EF, EF-S, and EX lenses making it possible to use it for many different applications. You can also use other accessories like flash modules and remotes with the EOS 450D.

Does the Canon EOS 450D have live view?

Yes, live view mode has been included in the 450D. Live view makes it easier to shoot photographs from awkward angles and displays key information like light level, exposure time, and focal points on the LCD display. This makes it possible to use the camera without using the viewfinder.

Can the camera be connected to a television?

Yes, the camera has a connection for external displays. You can connect the camera to your television and run a slideshow of your photos without needing any other equipment.

In which format does the camera save images??

Captured images are stored in the RAW file format and can be used in photo editing software. You can change the file format in the camera's system menu, JPG and PNG formats are also supported

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