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Canon EF Telephoto Camera Lens

Photography has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with interchangeable lenses such as the Canon EF Telephoto Camera Lens, allowing for optimum flexibility and picture quality. By using interchangeable lenses you can exert more control over the entire photograph process and achieve results that are hard to obtain from a simplistic point and shoot device with a fixed lens.

Telephoto Lenses

Canon EF telephoto camera lenses have a focal length that is longer than standard offering a narrow field of vision and a magnified image. Lenses of this kind essentially allow you to focus on objects that are far away and are ideal for situations where you want to take an image, but can't get close enough to your subject to do so without a narrow-angle lens.

Telephoto camera lenses are ideal for capturing sporting events on camera, particularly if you're seated high up in a stadium and are therefore far away from all the action. They're also a top choice for safari and animal lovers, allowing you to snap animals exploring their natural habitats. This kind of lens can also pick up distant details within a landscape shot. Canon telephoto lenses are versatile, robust and made with the latest technology.

Prime Lenses

The mm number printed on the lens barrel helps describe the focal length which is measured in millimetres with regards to photography. Lenses with a fixed focal length, such as the Canon EF 300mm lens do not zoom. They are often referred to as prime lenses with telephoto camera lenses typically having a focal length of 50mm or more.

Different lenses have different purposes. If you are taking a picture of wildlife, for instance, choosing a 300mm lens over a 100mm lens will allow you to get optically closer without scaring the animal away.

Zoom Lenses

Unlike prime lenses which have a fixed focal length, zoom lenses have variable focal lengths and are ideal for many different scenarios. You can zoom in to get closer to a subject or out to get further away. Many Canon EF telephoto camera lenses such as the Canon EF 75-300mm have a large zoom range.

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