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What You Should Know When Using the Canon 5D Mark II for Photography and Videography

As a photographer and videographer, having a camera that delivers professional photos and HD video can set you apart from other professionals in the industry. Even if you're a hobbyist wanting to take your photography to the next level, the Canon 5D Mark II, designed with rigorous and professional use in mind, could be the next camera for you. Finding a Canon 5D Mark II can be quickly done on eBay, and here is everything you should know before buying this camera.

Is the Canon 5D Mark II a full-frame camera?

Yes. The Canon 5D Mark II is a DSLR camera that is equipped with a full-frame sensor. This allows for every lens that is used with this camera to showcase different viewing angles as they would when using a 35mm camera. This means that there will be no conversion factor. If you enjoy shooting with a wide-angle lens, having the full-frame sensor can be a great feature.

Does the Canon 5D Mark II shoot video in 1080p?

Yes. Not only can you record video in 1080p, but you can also use the Live View Mode while recording in Full HD. The 5D Mark II has the ability to record video for almost 30 minutes while shooting in 1080p. You can also use the full-frame camera to broadcast video after making an adjustment in the settings.

Does the Canon 5D Mark II have the autofocus feature?

Yes. The Canon 5D Mark II has nine autofocus points that you can select within the AF system. Additionally, there are six other AF points that assist both horizontally and vertically. You have the ability to select each autofocus point using the control dial or the multi-controller. You can activate the autofocus by simply turning it on via the designated AF button.

What are some other features of the 5D Mark II?

Some other features of the Canon 5D Mark II include:

  • Live View Mode: This feature allows you to be able to zoom in on your project while navigating the overall composition. The grid overlay helps with this navigation. The Live View Mode has additional focusing modes that consist of Face Detection Live mode, Live mode, and Quick mode.
  • LCD screen: The monitor for viewing your project is a 3.0-inch LCD. This screen is equipped with 920,000 dots/VGA that brings more detail to your photos and videos as you are working. The camera is also coated with both a water-repellent and an anti-reflection repellent.
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