Useful Info on the Canon LC E6 Battery Charger

The Canon LC E6 battery charger is specifically designed to recharge Canon's LP E6 lithium-ion camera battery. These batteries are compatible with a variety of Canon EOS digital cameras, including the EOS 6D,EOS 7D,EOS 60D, and EOS 70D. Check out eBay for a great selection of available LC E6 battery chargers, all offered at a range of affordable prices.

Can the Canon LC E6 battery charger be used when travelling abroad?

Yes, the charger's required mains-supply input voltage ranges from 100 volts to 240 volts AC, so the charger can still be used in countries that work on a different mains voltage. The charger's rated output of 8.4 volts DC and 1.2 amps will be unaffected wherever you use it.

How long does it take the Canon LC E6 to recharge the battery?

The recharging time depends on how much charge is remaining in the battery. If your LP E6 battery is fully discharged, the recharging time is around 2.5 hours. It is recommended to let a battery go almost flat before recharging as multiple mini-charges can negatively impact the lifespan of the battery. You can gauge the status of the battery's charge level during recharging from the indicator light signals on the charger as follows:

  • 0% to 50%: Orange indicator light blinks once per second.
  • 50% to 75%: Orange indicator light blinks twice per second.
  • 75% or greater: Orange indicator light blinks three times per second.
  • 100%: Green indicator light remains steady.
How wide is the Canon LC E6 charger's temperature operating range?

The LC E6 charger will operate efficiently within a temperature range of between 5°C and 40°C and humidity of up to 85%. Note that Canon have implemented a safety measure so that in low temperatures of between 5°C and 10°C, the recharging time of a fully discharged LP E6 battery will slow down to around four hours.

What's the difference between the Canon LC E6 and LC E6E battery chargers?

They are the same charger. The only difference is that while the LC E6 has two built-in power pins for inserting directly into a mains AC power socket, the LC E6E has an attached 1 metre power cord with plug.

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