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Canon Snap On Camera Lens Cap

Designed to protect your lenses from dust, dirt, moisture, smudges and scratches when they are not being used, Canon snap on camera lens caps are easy to use. They are available with either a centre-pinch or side-pinch format.

Types of lens cap

There are two main types of lens cap. A Canon snap on front lens cap fits inside the camera lens ring and can be used with filters that are of the same size. This style of cap is more effective than push on caps, which are more suitable for lenses without threads for filters.

A rear lens cap is for the back of the lens when it is not fitted to the camera and is suitable for interchangeable lenses. These come in three types. A bayonet mount is attached by twisting and locking into place, a screw on lens cap uses a threaded mount, whilst a push on lens cap slides over the lens mount.


Lens caps are made with a sturdy, hard PVC material that is light, easy to use and repels any wet splashes. Each type of lens has a lens cap that has been designed to fit that particular lens snugly and provide the best protection. Although it is possible to get a generic lens cap that is the relevant size for your lens, it may not fit as snugly as the correct Canon snap on lens cap.

To avoid losing your lens cap, use a lens cap retainer. This connects to the camera - either on the camera body or on the lens - and the lens cap so that when the cap is removed it hangs off the camera until it is put back on the lens.

A lens hood can be used with a Canon snap on lens cap that will protect most of the lens when it is removed during photographing, so that the cap doesn't need to be replaced between shots. However, if a lens hood is being used, it will be difficult to use a side pinch lens cap.

Advantages and disadvantages

A Canon snap on lens cap protects the lens from scratches, damage and moisture, as well as from any accidental knocks while carrying your camera around. To avoid losing a lens cap, put it in a pocket or camera bag when not in use, or use a lens cap retainer. Using a lens hood will reduce the time it takes to continuously remove the lens cap whilst taking photographs as it will protect the lens to a certain extent.

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