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Maximise Your Utility On-the-go with a Car Stereo Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth functionality is a must-have feature of any vehicle and many cars come with this in-built as standard. For those that don't, you can connect a Bluetooth dongle to your line-in auxiliary port and play music or answer phone calls from the comfort of the driving seat. Find the right car stereo Bluetooth adapter at a price that suits on eBay.

How do you choose a car stereo Bluetooth adapter?

Bluetooth has rapidly transitioned from a luxury item to an essential vehicle feature. There are a wide variety of models available, so before purchasing a Bluetooth adapter, consider the following:

  • Ports: You should make sure that your car has the suitable ports to enable the Bluetooth adapter to work. Older cars don't have AUX ports so you may need to fit a cigarette-holder-to-port adapter first.
  • Phone specs: Full functionality will depend on your phone's compatibility, so check whether your mobile is Bluetooth-enabled, or will need a cable to connect to the adapter.
  • Usage: Some Some Bluetooth adapters will only allow you to listen to music. If you often make calls in your car, you should therefore make sure that you purchase an adapter that also has this functionality.
Will this work with all smartphones?

Almost every smartphone that has been designed in the last decade has some kind of Bluetooth functionality. However if you use an older model, you should double check the manufacturer's website to make sure that your phone will be compatible with a car stereo Bluetooth adapter.

Can you use your phone when connected to Bluetooth?

Yes. The adapter allows audio output to connect to the car stereo speakers, enhancing your music experience and pausing playback to make taking phone calls a breeze.

Does the Bluetooth adapter have physical controls?

Some adapters will have physical controls on them which allows you to quickly skip a track or answer a call. Others will allow your phone to be the controller. You should consider which is more practical for your car's interior before making a purchase.

How do you install a car stereo Bluetooth adapter?

Like all Bluetooth-enabled devices, installation requires 'pairing'. Each car stereo Bluetooth adapter may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions before starting the process.

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