A Quick, Pithy Guide to Purchasing a Car Battery Charger or Conditioner

One of the musts of an emergency road kit is a battery charger, a portable, handheld device that recharges the battery enough to allow the vehicle to start. It takes the place of a second car and jumper cables.

Car battery chargers for sale

You can purchase a new or a second hand car battery charger or conditioner on eBay. If you want an affordable Lidl battery charger 2018, you can find it here. You may also find dual use devices listed. Some devices charge at 6V or 12V, others at 12V or 24V and others at only one voltage or the other. Some chargers require you to precharge them by plugging them into an electrical outlet. Other devices use solar panels to charge the device and thereby the battery. These devices come in a multitude of sizes, including handheld, portable and full-sized. A full-sized device is about the same size as a car battery.

Do battery conditioners work like battery chargers?

Car battery chargers and battery conditioners both charge a vehicle's battery, but they use different methods. A charger uses trickle-charging, a method that charges the battery slowly with low amps to a preset level determined by the battery's capacity. This method ensures the battery does not overload. These chargers typically contain a microprocessor that assesses the battery's condition and automatically charges it in the proper mode. A battery conditioner uses high peaks of amps for short duration or uses the amps that normal use would to charge it. This simulates ordinary use, but using it too often reduces the battery's ability to achieve full capacity.

How do you know which device you need?

A couple of reasons exist to own a car battery conditioner or car battery charger in the UK. You either need to charge your battery over the winter while your vehicle is shopd to make sure it starts well in the spring or you need to charge it in an emergency when your vehicle stalls while you are out driving. A conditioner works better for quick charges that let you start the vehicle and drive it to the mechanic. A low amps charger works better to keep the battery charged throughout the winter while you shop the vehicle. Typically, you will find a 12V battery charger in UK on eBay.

Features that enhance safety on these devices

These devices include spark proof clamps, overcharge protection, reverse-polarity protection, water resistance, and a safety timer.