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Enhance Your Car With Ford Fiesta Exterior Styling Parts

The Fiesta MK7 mods are ideal for enhancing the look as well as providing extra protection to your Ford. You will find most of these styling parts on eBay listings.

Can you find Fiesta MK7 front bumpers on eBay?

A bumper is the first styling part that most people add to their cars to give them an aggressive look. You can find the following Ford Fiesta bumper options on eBay:

  • Front bumpers: Several stylish front bumpers are available, and some are made of tough carbon, which offers your vehicle protection during collisions. They also protect your car from scrapes on pavements, or speed bumps.
  • Rear bumpers: These are made using aluminium, plastic, and steel, so they absorb impact during a collision and protect your trunk and engine bay.
  • Bumper reinforcements: They shield your bumper from severe damage, so it will not crumple or dent, and you can find several options in stylish black or chrome finishes on eBay.
Is carbon the only material used with styling parts?

While strong, carbon is often paired with materials like rubber, which can absorb shock. Rubber parts are also used to give a flexible and smooth touch. They are less likely to scratch than those made of other materials. They also offer resistance to wear and will easily fit with your Ford Fiesta design.

LED strip lights provide handy illumination

LED strip lights can be used with your trunk to illuminate your cargo and warn other drivers of your presence. Those from eBay are often one piece circuit board strips, which provide you with bright, xenon white light. Many have bulb fitment adapters, so they can be used with any Ford model. While these give you a wide illumination area, most of them are shorter than three inches and are easy to install. However, check the manufacturer’s site for installation instructions.

Enjoy silver sunshade protectors

Sunshade protectors are available for your Ford Fiesta in several colours, and the most popular shades are silver and grey. These feature reflective Mylar film in the front, to keep the heat off your Ford Fiesta. Felt material is used in the back to keep your reflector from sticking to the car, while the supporting boards ensure that it stays in place in different weather conditions. Some of the benefits of these protectors are:

  • Many can drop temperatures inside your Ford vehicle by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They can be customised to fit your vehicle.
  • Many will fit Ford Fiesta vehicles made between 2011 and 2019.
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