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Car Brake Discs

Car disc brakes for serious stopping power

Get your car back in full working order with replacement disc brakes. Having fully functioning brakes is a legal requirement for every car, so you should replace broken or worn out brake discs as quickly as possible. With both genuine and aftermarket parts available, there are car brake parts for every vehicle right here on eBay.

Bear in mind the exact make, model and year of your car when browsing car parts are you need something thats fully compatible with your vehicle. This is to ensure that your car is fully safe on the road.

Genuine OEM or aftermarket branded car disc brakes

Go for a genuine OEM brake disc for something made by the same manufacturer of your car. This ensures that the parts are fully compatible with your model as theyre from the same manufacturer as your car and made with quality materials.

Youll also find aftermarket brake discs for your car. These are usually either more affordable parts or those geared towards performance. The more affordable aftermarket parts are designed as less costly car parts.

Performance aftermarket brake discs are made by well-known brands to improve your cars braking power. As theyre made from quality materials, they usually last longer than stock parts.

Car disc brake parts

Separate car disc brake parts are ideal if only specific parts need to be replaced. This can be more affordable and time efficient than replacing full discs if only one or two parts are damaged. Youll find single front and rear discs and pads alongside all the fixtures and fittings needed for installation.

Full car disc brakes

Or go for a full car disc brake if multiple parts need to be replaced. Its often more cost-effective and time-saving to install a full brake disc if the full part needs replacing.