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Car Carburettors & Parts for Volkswagen 

Carburettors became obsolete in the 1980s due to changes in emission regulations. They were unable to meet the new requirements so by the mid-1980s they had been replaced by throttle body and multiport electronic fuel injection systems.   

Volkswagen carburettors are proportionally small in relation to the size of the engine compared to the majority, if not all, of other car brands. Typically, VW owners and enthusiasts boost their vehicle’s performance with aftermarket parts.   

A carburettor is an intrinsic part of your car’s basic performance. It:   

● Uses intake vacuum to supply fuel to the engine 

● Regulates the ratio of air and fuel 

● Controls the speed of the engine 

● Combines fuel and air creating a highly combustible mixture   

Things to look out for   

If your carburettor is dirty or malfunctioning, there will be some warning signs. These may include:   

● Engine flooding 

● Idling too fast 

● Poor fuel economy 

● Hard starting 

● Hesitation 

● Stalling 

● A rough idle   

If your carburettor is clean and working properly:   

● The engine should start easily from hot or cold 

● The engine will accelerate without any stumbling 

● The engine will idle smoothly   

The engine should function with good fuel economy and emissions should be within the limits for the year of your vehicle.   

Carburettors can be difficult to rebuild and expensive to replace, so ensure you have a correct  diagnosis of the issue before you attempt to repair or replace it. If you’re not sure, consult a garage or mechanic.   

Replacing  a carburettor is fairly simple and can typically be completed in under 45 minutes. You will need to:   

● Disconnect the car battery and throttle linkage 

● Remove the current carburettor (keep level to avoid any spillages) 

● Clean the gasket surface and install a new gasket 

● Install the new carburettor ensuring you tighten all the nuts 

● Reconnect the vacuum lines, throttle linkage and car battery