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What You Should Know About Car Carpets and Floor Mats

Car floor mats are designed to collect dirt, moisture, stones, and other debris on the bottom of your shoes when you get into your car. This helps to protect the carpeting from getting damaged by the debris. Here is what you should know when purchasing new or used floor mats for your vehicle on eBay.

Material used to make floor mats

The materials used to make floor mats include:

  • Rubber: Rubber mats typically come with ridges and edges to help hold the water that drips off of your shoes. This is useful in wet climates with a lot of rain and snow.
  • Carpet: The fibres in the carpet mats are designed to capture dust, dirt, and other debris. Some carpet mats also have a rubberised base to hold in water. These mats are useful in muddy and wet environments. Fabric mats usually come in a wide range of colours to help you match a set with the colour of your car's interior.
  • PVC: PVC mats are designed to provide heavy-duty protection for your floor carpet in all kinds of weather and conditions. They are normally made from durable and rigid PVC materials that help to protect the carpet flooring from grease and other hard-to-remove materials.
  • Plastic: The plastic floor mats are typically a low-cost option compared to the other types of mats. They are typically transparent so you can see the carpeting underneath it.
The difference between universal and custom car mats

Universal mats typically come in a limited amount of sizes and are designed to fit as many vehicles as possible. You normally have to alter the floor mats to make it fit into any particular vehicle. Universal mats are typically less expensive than custom-made ones. Custom mats, on the other hand, are designed to fit snugly into the make, model, and year of your car without any need to alter the material. These floor mats will also have openings for clips protruding from the car floor to fasten it in place.

How many pieces of floor mats do you get in a package?

Floor mats typically come in packages of four: two car mats for the front seating area and two for the back seating area. However, for some vehicles like the Land Rover Discovery, you can get two long mats that stretch from the front seating area all the way to the back seating area.