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Car DVD Players

Choosing a Great Car DVD Player That Will Please the Whole Family

Gone are the days when a long car journey meant travelling for distances with bored kids screaming at each other in the back seat while the parents slowly lost their minds. Long car rides nowadays can be enjoyable thanks to high-tech devices like tablets and mobile devices. An affordable car DVD mount from eBay makes it really easy to provide entertainment that helps make driving time pass much more quickly.

How can a headrest DVD player help keep passengers entertained?

A headrest DVD player is nestled into the back headrest of the driver and the front passenger seats. This creates a comfortable viewing experience for passengers in the back. Your children seated in the back will be able to watch their favourite movies and content, and youll be able to manage the controls from the front seat.

Are aftermarket DVD players a good alternative to factory-installed models?

If your vehicle didnt come with a DVD player, its quite simple to get one installed after youve already bought your auto. You simply have to go to a shop that specialises in aftermarket installations and have one installed. If youre handy, you can find do-it-yourself tutorials online and install the mount and player yourself.

What features are available with car DVD mounts?

There are quite a few features that you can consider when choosing a new or used car DVD mount:

  • Viewability: Ceiling-mounted mounts allow everyone in the cars cabin to see the screen clearly
  • Adjustability: Many mounts are adjustable, allowing you to swivel or turn them in the direction that will provide the most optimal viewing
  • Portability: Some mounts are actually carrying cases that allow your DVD player to double as both a portable DVD player and a car DVD player.
What are requirements when choosing a portable car DVD player?

There are certain must-haves that youll need if you want to have an enjoyable portable car DVD player experience:

  • Battery life: Make sure that you choose a player that has a long-lasting battery. You dont want to be stuck in the middle of traffic when a film the children are watching suddenly dies.
  • Connectability: Choose portable units that have 12V plugs so that you have backup power options in case batteries are not available.
  • Easy installation: Choose players that are specifically designed for car use as well as portable use. Car players are built to easily slip over the back of a seat.

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