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Got one to sell?

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Protect yourself with a vehicle dash cam

Capture everything from your journey with a vehicle dash cam. Short for 'dashboard camera', dash cams are cameras that are mounted on your vehicle's windscreen. 

On eBay, you can choose from a wide range of dash cams by TOGUARD, NEXTBASE and Blueskysea, which vary in size and resolution. 

Reasons for having a dash cam

Having video footage of your journey is particularly helpful in the case of an unfortunate accident, as you can prevent false claims being laid. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts if you have a dash cam installed. 

You can also record stunning scenery when you're away on holiday. Vehicle dash cams with a dual lens allow you to film the surroundings in front of your car, and the interior of the vehicle. This can be an attractive option for parents who wish to monitor the risky driving behaviour of their teens. 

If you leave your dual lens dash cam running while the car is parked, you might be able to record evidence of theft too. 

Useful features in the case of an event

Some models, like the Nextbase Duo dash cam, have built-in GPS logging and photo mode, which makes it easy to provide further evidence in the case of an incident. Dash cams with GPS logging are also useful if your car gets stolen, as you can easily track your vehicle. 

Built-in wifi also allows you to easily share footage to your smartphone. 

Many dash cams have a collision detection feature which means recording will begin with sudden braking or when a collision is detected. With the Y1 dash cam, you can alter the sensitivity settings to suit your preferences. 

Night vision

Night vision dash cams can pick up footage in poor lighting, and rely on your headlights as the light source. Others, like the Nextbase 212, come with LED lights which provide lighting for the camera. 

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