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Car Engines & Engine Parts

Car engines and engine parts for every project

Keep your car or engine in tip-top condition with something from this wide range of car engines and engine parts. If youre a keen mechanic, look out for replacement parts that you can fit yourself to keep your engine running smoothly. Or, you could pick up a complete car engine that can be fitted with ease, which is perfect if you love restoring cars in your spare time. 

Car engine parts

Youll find loads of engine parts on offer in this extensive range, so youre bound to find exactly what youre looking for. 

Head gasket sealant is ideal for increasing the life of your head gasket. Very quick and easy to use, simply pour it into your radiator cap so it can move through the coolant system to discover the leak, which it then conveniently seals for you. 

Filters are also integral to the smooth running of your car. Look out for petrol filters as well as car oil filters to keep your engine running smoothly. Air filters are another essential car engine part, as they catch dust and pollen particles to keep the air nice and clean as it flows through your engine. Perfect for the summer months, these handy parts are great for keeping unwanted debris out of your cars engine. 

Youll also come across larger car engine parts in this range, such as car engine belts, shafts, chains and valves, which are great if your engine needs some more extensive repairs or upgrades. You could even keep your eye out for packs of car engine parts, such as valves, bolts and bearings, which are handy to keep in your toolkit in case of any emergency repairs. 

Car engines

For those who are undertaking larger projects, complete car engines are available. Look out for specific makes and models, or browse the options to find some inspiration for your next restoration project.