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Car Fuel Injectors

Car fuel injectors for every engine

Bring your car back to life with replacement car fuel injectors. Working to get fuel to your engine, these car parts ensure that your car is running properly. Faulty fuel injectors can result in reduced engine power, so its vital to replace them as soon as they start to malfunction. From aftermarket parts to genuine OEM components, youll find the ideal car engine parts for every vehicle right here on eBay.

Bear in mind the make, model and year of your car when searching for a replacement fuel injector. This is to ensure that the parts you go for are fully compatible with your car.

Genuine OEM or aftermarket branded car fuel injectors

Go for a genuine OEM fuel injector for something made by the same manufacturer as your car. These are made with high-quality materials and are designed to fit your car. Choose from a range of brands like Ford and Peugeot and get genuine OEM car injectors to match your car.

Branded aftermarket parts are available too, offering components made by other brands. These are usually either more affordable versions of the stock part, or parts designed to enhance performance.

The performance-driven car parts work to enhance your cars engine and are typically made of quality materials, making them longer lasting when compared to stock parts.

Fuel injector parts

Youll find separate fuel injector parts, perfect for replacing individual components. This is often more cost-effective than replacing a full unit if only one part is damaged. Youll find single fuel injectors, seals and bearings to get your engine up and running again.

Full fuel injectors

Or go for a full fuel injector is the whole unit needs replacing. This is often easier than going for a number of smaller parts, saving you time and money looking for each component.