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Customise Your Car with Car Interior Styling Parts for Ford Fiesta

When you buy a Ford Fiesta, it usually comes with a standard interior. If you want a custom ride, one way to do it is using Ford Fiesta accessories. These parts, available for an affordable price on eBay, are specifically engineered to fit the geometry of your Fiesta’s cabin, so you can install them while maintaining the original performance of the car.

Common types of Ford Fiesta car accessories

You can choose from many different Ford Fiesta custom interior parts and accessories for sale, including:

  • Gear gaiters - These are the pieces of fabric that cover the shaft of the gear shifter in the Ford Fiesta. Often, a gaiter comes with a metal ring that fastens to your vehicle for stability. Be sure to check the shape of the ring; in some Fiesta models, it’s round while others use a square-shaped mount. You can also buy standalone gaiters that fasten to your existing mounting ring.
  • Gauges - These are the dials and gauges that sit on the dashboard of your Fiesta, showing your fuel level, speed, and more. Different types of Fiestas have different gauge options; Ford Fiesta MK7 interior accessories for gauges might be shaped differently from those for the MK4. Check to make sure that each gauge is compatible with your specific model and trim level.
  • Gate pad mats - These specially shaped pieces fit into different parts of your Fiesta, including the bottom of the cup holder, on the centre console, on top of door trim, and more. Often, they feature adhesive backs for easy application.
  • Handles and levers - These are pieces that replace your original handles and levers, including the seat-recline lever, door handle, steering wheel hub, and more.
  • Centre console - This is the piece that sits between the two front seats in the Fiesta. It includes an armrest, a storage box, and a base that mounts to the car frame. You can also buy these parts individually.
When is it a good idea to buy used Ford Fiesta aftermarket accessories?

In many cases, it’s fine to buy used Ford Fiesta accessories as long as they’re in good condition. This holds true for aftermarket products and original Ford parts. In fact, if you have an older Fiesta model, a used item might be your only option. Before buying, simply check to make sure you can’t see any signs of extreme wear, discolouration, or damage.

How do you choose Ford Fiesta accessories for sale?

As you’re choosing Ford Fiesta MK7 accessories, Fiesta ST accessories, or parts for other Fiesta models, these steps can help:

  • Choose your year, model, and trim - Narrow your options to match the specific Fiesta you own. After all, parts that were made for the Ford Fiesta 2007 interior might not be the right fit if you need Ford Fiesta Zetec accessories.
  • Select the part - Choose from replacement levers, handles, dials, gauges, gaiters, pedals, and more.
  • Choose a style - Pick a style that matches your interior or that gives it a new look.
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