Everything You Need to Know About Buying Car Number Show Plates

When you have a car or other type of vehicle for show, demonstration, or sale in a showroom, bright show plates make it easy to identify one vehicle from another. Because the car show plates are not the legal registration plates issued by the government, they can have different sizes, colours, and typefaces. On eBay, you can choose from different styles, features, and brands of big show number plates for sale at reasonable prices.

Which styles of cool, low-cost show number plates are available?

The available styles of inexpensive show plates for vehicles include:

  • Embossed: The embossed show plates are made of polyvinyl chloride, vinyl, and other plastics.
  • Pressed metal: These are made of steel, aluminium, or a steel alloy.
  • Three-dimensional: The three-dimensional plates are printed with a 3D printer onto vinyl or another plastic substrate.
  • Pressed: These are machine-stamped pieces of aluminium with glossy paint applied to the surface.
Some features of the affordable new show plates for cars

The features of the cheap show plates for cars include:

  • Self-adhesive backing: They attach by peeling off the backing paper and pressing the show plate onto the desired spot.
  • Static cling: The vinyl show plates attach by static electricity and they can be removed and repositioned.
  • Pre-drilled openings: The metal show plates offer pre-drilled openings for the fasteners.
  • Fade-resistant: The printed numbers resist fading in sunlight.
  • Corrosion resistance: The show plates resist rust and corrosion when exposed to automotive fluids or rain.
Placement, sizes, and compatibility options for new or preowned show number plates

You can choose show number plates that are sized for a motorcycle, caravan, car, lorry, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle. The placement options include front, rear, left, and right. The sizes range from 10 to 30 centimetres tall by 30 to 100 centimetres wide. Their thickness varies based on the type of attachment, and it ranges from 1 to 30 millimetres.

How do you choose the right show plates for sale?

When you're shopping for a stylish show plate, consider its:

  • Brand: The options include 3M, Citroen, and 3D Carbon. There are also unbranded and handmade show plates available.
  • Colour: Some options include red, blue, and black and white number plates.
  • Attachment type: Choose hardware, static, or adhesive for attachment.
  • Shape: They are available in rectangular, square, oval, circular, and custom shapes.
  • Material: The options include metal, vinyl, and plastic.