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Car Rear Light Assemblies

Rear light assemblies for every car

Ensure that your car is visible at night, and road legal, with rear light assemblies. These car parts fully replace the light section at the rear of your car, perfect if youve got multiple parts that need replacing. Having functioning lights is a legal requirement so these parts are very important. 

Fron OEM parts to aftermarket products, youll find the exact car lights for your vehicle here on eBay. 

When browsing these car parts, you should keep in mind the exact make, model and year of your car. This will ensure that you choose something thats fully compatible with your car. An incorrectly sized rear light assembly may not fit or might come loose when out on the roads. If you dont have experience with installation, go to a garage for help. 

OEM and aftermarket parts

These rear light assemblies typically feature the rear lights in a case and come with the electrical fittings to make needed for power. Replacing a full light unit can be quicker and more economical than replacing multiple smaller parts. 

Go for a genuine OEM rear light assembly for something made with the quality and durability of big car brands. Going for OEM parts also ensures that theyll be fully compatible with your car. 

Single rear light assemblies are ideal if either the passenger or drivers side unit needs replacing, whilst a set of both is perfect for getting both sides back in full working order. You could even get yourself a set of both to keep one side as a spare. Youll also find high-mounted brake lights, ideal if your top brake light has stopped working. 

Aftermarket parts are available too, letting you add a touch of style to your vehicle. These come in a range of stylish designs that use different shapes and colours to add a sporty touch.