What You Should Consider Before Buying Car Snow Chains and Socks

Car snow chains and socks are designed to help you drive over wintry roads. Here is what you should know about car snow chains and car snow socks for sale on eBay.

The products you can use on tyres in the winter

There are four types of products you can choose from to put on your tyres to help you get your car through wintry weather conditions: snow chains, snow socks, spikes, and grip mats.

  • Snow chains: Tyre snow chains are made out of different types of metals. The premium tyre chains are designed for easy installation and to last for several years or more. Standard chains are made to last at least a season and are good for areas that have a lot of snow. Entry-level snow chains cost less than premium, and standard chains and are designed to be used for a limited time or emergency use only. The chains are designed to dig into the layers of snow and ice to gain traction.
  • Tyre snow socks: Tyre socks are made from woven textiles and placed around the tyre. The socks have an elastomer in them that gives them a rubberised property so the socks will form tightly around the tyres. Snow socks are made to ride above the snow pack.
  • Spikes: Snow spikes have spikes or studs on them. They are made to be used when the snow reaches depths of a half a foot or more.
  • Grip mats: Grip mats are designed to be placed on the ground in front of the drive tyres. The underside of the mat has studs that dig into the snow and ice, while the drive tyre drives up onto the mat. Grip mats are only used in limited circumstances where you need to get out of a snow hole or over a patch of ice.
How do you determine the size you need to get?

You need to find out the width, aspect ratio, and rim size of the tyres on your vehicle. On the tyres, a set of numbers with a letter is imprinted into the sidewall. For example, you will see a series of numbers and letters like 195/65 R15. The first number (195) is the width of the tyre, the second number (65) is the height of the tyre, and the third number (R15) is the wheel diameter. You will need this information in order to buy a set of chains or socks that will fit the tyres on your vehicle properly.

Who makes affordable car snow chains?

Some examples of manufacturers that make new and used car chains for the UK market are Areyourshop, ATMOMO, BOLK, Iceman, and Tirol.