Car Spare Wheel Covers

Protective car spare wheel covers

Car spare wheel covers work to keep your spare wheel protected from the elements. This keeps the wheel and tyre in pristine condition, ensuring that its safe for use even after years of carrying it. With unbranded and Land Rover spare wheel covers available, youll find the perfect vehicle parts and accessories for every vehicle right here on eBay.

Land Rover car spare wheel cover

Land Rover car spare wheel covers are designed for use with cars from the iconic British brand. They fit over the spare wheel attached to the tailgate and come in a range of designs.

Simple material covers are quick and easy to get on and off the wheel, whilst harder plastic covers offer a more robust design. Hard covers also introduce a touch of style, available in simple black plastic designs or a shiny stainless steel finish.

Go for a Land Rover branded cover for something to match perfectly with your car, or choose a simple black model for something more subtle. You can also show off the model of your car with a Land Rover Defender spare wheel cover.

Suzuki car spare wheel covers

Youll also find Suzuki car spare wheel covers. These typically come with bold Suzuki branding to show off your car, like the Grand Vitara or Jimny.

Go for a Suzuki Jimny car spare wheel cover with the iconic rhino logo in either red or blue. Or choose a hard wheel cover in a colour to match your vehicle, available in a range of colours.

Unbranded car spare wheel covers

Unbranded car spare wheel covers are more affordable models that offer the same protection from the elements. These typically come in a black design, the perfect colour for any car. A double zip-design ensures your spare wheel is kept safe and secure whilst the soft material prevents rim scratching.