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Keep the Glare and Heat Out Using Car Sun Shades

A car sun shade can help keep reflected light out of your eyes during a drive or make sure the car doesn't get too hot when you aren't using it. You'll find a wide selection of reasonably priced car window shades for sale on eBay. Understanding what kinds of car sun blinds you can get or the features you can choose will help you find the right one for your vehicle.

Types of car window shades you can buy

There are different versions of car sun screens in the UK, and the kind you choose can depend on your purposes or vehicle type. Some of the main choices you will come across in this category are:

  • Window - These car shades attach to the interior of a window in your vehicle. You can purchase them as a set for all the windows in your car, or find the shade that fits the placement you would like.
  • Roller - Car roller blinds are usually wider than window car shades, and you can pull them down or up whenever you enter or exit your vehicle. They are meant to reflect heat when the car is not in use. Small roller blinds may be available for car windows as well.
Do car window shades come in different designs?

Yes, you can get cheap car window blinds in the UK that come in various designs for your convenience. Some of the main types you will discover during your search for the right car shades are:

  • Patterned - Both large and small shades meant for the windows or the windscreen can have fun patterns on them. You may wish to choose from window shades that feature cartoon characters to keep the glare out of your children's eyes when they sit next to a window. Large car roller blinds may feature animal imagery.
  • Mesh - A mesh design for car sun blinds will block much of the light during your drive, but it will still allow some of it through for illumination.
  • Reflective - These shades for your car are meant to block light and reflect it back so the interior of your vehicle stays a little cooler during your drives.
Mounting options for car shades

There are a few ways you can mount the new or pre-owned car window shades of your choice to your vehicle. The common ways you will discover are:

  • Hanging - The rollers or window shades hang down from your vehicle. You can expand or retract them as necessary.
  • Suction - Some car shades use suction cups to adhere to the glass of your windows or windscreen.
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