Learn All About Car Tax Disc and Permit Holders

If you want to display your car permit in a stylish and efficient manner, then you may want to look at tax disc holders. These helpful devices make it easy to move a tax disc from car to car, so they are helpful if you drive multiple vehicles or switch permits regularly. There are all sorts of uses for tax disk holders, such as using them to display tax discs, parking permits, employee badges, and more.

How to pick a great car permit holder

There are quite a few factors to consider when looking on eBay for the right road tax holder for your car. They can include:

  • Find the right size: Measure your permit and compare dimensions to make sure the holder can fit your item.
  • Select your fastener method: Choose between options like a sticky tax disc holder or a magnetic tax disc holder.
  • Decide on a price range: Determine whether you want a cheap car permit holder or a luxury product.
  • Pick your style: Some styles make it easy to slide the permit in and out if you need to move it around, or you can pick ones that lock the permit in place on all sides.
  • Choose your design: If desired, select a holder that displays your favourite colour, your car name, a cute cartoon character, or other fun design when it is viewed from the interior.
Are car tax disc holders reusable?

This will depend on what type of road tax holder you select. Some styles like static cling or magnetic discs are reusable, so they can easily be peeled off a windshield and put on another. This makes it possible to select used tax disc holders on eBay that still work well. You can also use reusable car permit holders to switch the holder between your vehicles. Read product descriptions carefully to find reusable options.

Browse customisable designs for your holder

If you want to make your car tax or parking permit holder look unique, shopping on eBay gives plenty of opportunities for customisation. Some car permit manufacturers create designs that let you select a pre-made graphic with your car logo or favourite sports team on the holder. Others let you customise even further by uploading your own image, so you can print whatever you want on the car disc. This means that the possibilities are limitless when you are selecting your design.