Refresh Your Automobile With Car Touch Up Paints

It's inevitable that your vehicle will accumulate scratches, dings, and nicks over time. Having your car repainted can be an expensive option. If the marked spots on your car that are missing paint are small, then it is entirely possible that you can use affordable touch up paint on your vehicle yourself. You can find the correct paint on eBay for your particular car easily and inexpensively.

How do you purchase the right colour of touch up paint?

When you are ready to purchase your touch up car paint, first check the firewall on your vehicle and find a small plate. This plate will have the body number and the paint code numbers on it. The touch up bottle of paint should come with a brush or applicator. You will also need to purchase a small bottle of primer.

Which techniques can be used for a car paint touch up?

Once you find the correct touch up paint for your vehicle, you should follow these steps in applying the paint:

  • Ensure the area is rust-free - Check the car to see if there is any rust on the damaged paint spot. If it is very small, you may just need to apply a small spot of rust arrestor to the area.
  • Wash the area thoroughly - Remove all dust, dirt, filler residue, and wax. Make sure the area is completely dry before applying the primer.
  • Apply primer - If the paint is completely removed down to the metal or plastic, apply primer before painting. This gives the paint a surface it can adhere to. Apply the primer sparingly. Avoid getting primer on the original paint.
  • Mix the paint in the touch up bottle - The touch up paint probably won't match exactly. Apply the paint, working inwards from the edges. If the area is very tiny, you can cut down the brush or use a toothpick. Let the paint dry over a time period of several days.
  • Wax and polish the whole vehicle - After the paint is wholly dry, take time to wax and polish the entire vehicle to even out the applied paint and give it a good shine.
Can you use a paint pen to touch up your car?

A paint pen or a car paint chip stick is another option to touch up the paint on your vehicle. Again, you will need the paint number code from your car to get the right colour. You will use the same methods as painting with touch up paint.